Single-Qubit State Tomography

TODO: describe this example.

Command-Line Options

Basic Options

-n NP, --n_particles=NP

Specifies how many particles to use in the SMC approximation. [default: 5000]

-e NE, --n_exp=NE

Specifies how many measurements are to be made. [default: 100]

-a ALGO, --algorithm=ALGO

Specifies which algorithm to use; currently ‘SMC’ and ‘SMC-ABC’ are supported. [default: SMC]

Resampling Options

-r ALGO, --resampler=ALGO

Specifies which resampling algorithm to use; currently ‘LW’, ‘DBSCAN-LW’ and ‘WDBSCAN-LW’ are supported. [default: LW]


Parameter \(a\) of the [LW01] resampling algorithm. [default: 0.98]


Epsilon parameter for the DBSCAN-based resamplers. [default: 0.5]


Minimum number of particles allowed in a cluster by the DBSCAN-based resamplers. [default: 5]


Power by which the weight is to be raised in the WDBSCAN weighting step. [default: 0.5]

ABC Options


Specifies the tolerance used by the SMC-ABC algorithm. [default: 8e-6]


Specifies how many simulations are used by each ABC step. [default: 10000]

Plotting Options

-p, --plot

Enables plotting of data from this example.

Debugging Options

-v, --verbose

Prints additional debugging information.